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Anonymous said:
hey, can i speak with u on youtube or skype? add me: SerienReviewer

There are a selective few people I add on skype, and it’s mostly for close friends and followers. I’m free to talk through tumblr messaging though.

Sorry to bother again but what's the process like when you draw? I see your work on DeviantArt and it's amazing so I'm curious.

I work on a large scale canvas size and draw with a hard-edge tool such as the pencil tool. I shade everything in on the same layer and paint the backgrounds and effects on separate layers. After everything looks crisp and clean, I merge all the layers and shrink the image down by thirty percent. I save it as a PNG file format. That’s the basics of how I work in Photoshop. 

How long does it usually take you to create the art you do?

I usually spend a few days woking on something. I tend to be pretty slow with art unless I’m really motivated and inspired. 

Anonymous said:
your art is so fucking gross, creepy and shitty